SKN courses

Swiss parliament has decided that as per 1.1.2017 the obligatory SKN courses will be discontinued.

If you are interested, I will gladly still offer you the SKN theory course on a voluntary basis at your home. More information here ...

Many elements from the practical SKN course are also covered in my social walks. Mehr Informationen hier ... 

Dog training

Dog training is individual training on basic commands geared specifically to you and your dog. I teach the same commands that you would learn in a dog sports group, but tailored individually for you. I am happy to include your children and extended family in the training as well – I actually think this makes a lot of sense, as the dog should be comfortable working with everyone in a family, not just one person.

I am happy to accompany you from the moment you first get your dog (whether it is a puppy or an adult), and guide you through the various stages of development, each with its specific requirements. I am equally happy to teach an established owner/dog team new tricks.

Dog psychology

Dog psychology is used when your dog displays behaviour problems, such as fearfulness, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression, and more. We analyse the root cause of the problem and develop an individual training plan for you and your dog.

Social walks

Interaction with a variety of other dogs is necessary for the socialisation of a dog. You do not primarily reach a good socialisation by letting your dog play and go crazy with other dogs, as this bears the risk that your dog might associate other dogs with excitement. You want your dog to associate other dogs with calmness and relaxation though. In order to reach this association, I offer guided social walks.


I offer translations of cantonal and communal dog laws from German to English.

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