§ 1 Contract execution:

A contract is a binding legal agreement between the participant (herein referred to as “client”) and “Kenkou – Dog Training & Dog Psychology” (herein referred to as “service provider”). By participating in the training, the client agrees to the terms and conditions.

§ 2 Contract content:

The content of this contract relates to the training of clients and their dogs. The service provider is a licensed professional and any training activity is organised at their sole discretion. Specific training and performance gains are not guaranteed and a guarantee of success is expressly excluded from this contract.

§ 3 Registration:

During registration the client is responsible for informing the service provider of any pre-existing conditions (e.g. chronic illness) with the dog or themselves which could affect the success of the training. If any issues arise after registration, the client is responsible for informing the service provider as soon as possible. Any such information will be kept confidential by the service provider.

§ 4 Conditions for participation:

The client must have valid indemnity insurance (including animal-related incidents). Mandatory vaccinations: Leptospirosis and kennel cough (within the last year); Staupe, Parvovirosis, Hepatitis (within the last three years). The dog must be regularly de-wormed (3-4 times a year). The client must ensure their dog has no contagious illnesses or “bugs” (e.g. fleas, lice, mites, etc). The service provider is to be made immediately aware of any change in the dog’s health, both before and during training. If the above conditions are not fulfilled, the service provider can exclude the dog from training until the issue(s) are resolved to the service provider’s satisfaction. If more than half of the agreed upon services have been provided at the time of a dog’s exclusion due to the above conditions not be met there will be no refund of course fees, either partial or full. If the client breaks any of the above conditions knowingly, they could incur penalty charges. Participation in the training is at the client’s own risk; the client is responsible for themselves and their dog.

§ 5 Training:

Clients must follow the trainer’s instructions at all times in order to prevent endangering other participants and their dogs, especially when letting dogs off the leash or allowing dogs get too close to one another without explicit trainer permission. Treating dogs overly harsh or using “training tools” that inflict pain (i.e. prong collars, choke collars without a stop, any device that uses electricity, chemicals or high-pitched noises to train dogs) is strictly forbidden.

§ 6 Liability:

The service provider is not responsible for damages sustained during training to people, items or property, including those damages caused by participating animals. It is the responsibility of the client to inform anyone accompanying them of this liability clause. Participation of the client and their dog in the lessons and exercises is done at their own risk. The service provider does not take responsibility for any damages caused by clients, third parties or dogs which have been brought to a training session. Clients are responsible for all damages incurred by themselves, their dog or anyone (and their animal) accompanying them.

§ 7 Payment:

Please find prices on the current price list. Payment is made by invoice after the initial consultation and before training begins. Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled training time or that lesson will be charged in full. The service provider will suggest alternative dates for cancelled lessons. Packages (10 lessons) are valid for 6 months from the noted issue date and are not transferable.

§ 8 Contract cancellation by the client:

The client can cancel their participation in the training at any time in written form. Already paid-for lessons will be 80% reimbursed.

§ 9 Contract cancellation by the service provider:

The service provider reserves the right to cancel group trainings if a minimum number of participants is not reached or other conditions (e.g. weather) preclude lessons from taking place. The service provider also reserves the right to reschedule individual training sessions for valid reasons (e.g. illness) and, where possible, to inform the client in a timely manner of such.

§ 10 Ending of a training session by the client:

After a training session begins, if the client ends it early for any reason, the fee for that session will still be charged in full.

§ 11 Off-leash rules:

If the service provider recommends letting a dog off the leash for training reasons, all official Swiss dog laws still apply. The client lets their dog off the leash on their own responsibility and carries the full legal risk of doing so.

§ 12 Miscellaneous:

The service provider forbids taking pictures and video filming during training sessions. If the client wishes to do so, written permission from the service provider is necessary in advance. Any photographed or filmed footage must not be publicised or shared (either privately or commercially) without additional written consent from the service provider. If the service provider wishes to film or photograph a session, permission from the client will be requested beforehand, and where possible, in writing.

Any training material provided by the service provider must not be shared without advance written agreement from the service provider.

Both the service provider and client agree to treat nature and the environment with care and leave all public and private training areas clean.

Terms and conditions as of: 06/2014

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