SKN theory course

Swiss parliament has decided that as per 1.1.2017 the obligatory SKN courses will be discontinued. 

I feel this is a regressive step. In my opinion both the future owners but also the future dogs profited from people having some basic knowledge and hands-on advice when the dog joined its humans. The feedback to my courses was always very appreciative. I continue to offer these theory courses on a voluntary basis. The course will take place at your home. Please contact me via phone or email for further information.

The following will be covered:

  • the origins of the modern dog
  • the dog‘s senses
  • canine communication and body language
  • canine „normal“ behaviour
  • breed specific information
  • what breed and/or energy level dog would suit me/us?
  • onogenesis
  • your dog’s needs
  • your duties (who? when? what? walks? trainings? laws?)
  • health and diet
  • tools & equipment
  • holiday solutions
  • costs
  • how to bring a dog into your house and family – the first day(s)
  • basic dog training theory

The goal of the course is to raise awareness and a general understanding of a dog’s needs, therewith enabling owners to plan and act appropriately. This course provides participants with useful information before getting a dog. It will prevent having to pay for "beginners' mistakes" that were solely made due to lack of knowledge.

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