Dog training

Dog training sessions are geared specifically to you and your dog. The advantage of individual training is that we can focus on:

  • what is your current training status?
  • how old is your dog (where does he stand in his development)?
  • how much time do you have and when?
  • what are your expectations and goals?
  • do you or your dog have special needs?
  • which commands are important in your individual case?
  • who in the family deals with the dog?

Individual training is more flexible as to when and where the training takes place. However, if you are a group of dog-owners who are interested in tailor-made group training sessions, I am of course equally happy to train you as a group. I think it makes sense to ocasionally include your children in the training, as well as extended family who often interact with the dog.


In dog training sessions you can learn:

  • how to get your dog to walk on a loose leash
  • basic commands (ie sit, lay down, wait, come back, etc)
  • clicker training
  • suitable activities for your dog


(I do NOT offer specific trainings for competitions)



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