Dog psychology (behaviour correction)

We often talk about a behaviour problem when what we mean is normal behaviour that causes problems for the owner, the dog or society. Examples would be aggression, barking, hunting, fearfulness, etc. But a behaviour problem can also be an abnormal behaviour, such as hyperactivity, self mutilation, highly stereotyped movements and more.

Making this distinction is important to me. Quite often it is a relief for the owner to know that the dog is displaying a normal behaviour that is simply an unwanted one. Not only does this knowledge take a lot of pressure off the owner, more importantly it helps approach the training to correct the unwanted behaviour with a good mindset. Quite often unwanted behaviours are very healthy reactions of a dog to its environment. This realisation, and a deep understanding of why a dog is reacting in a certain way, shapes and explains the methods used to change the behaviour.

Dog psychology always starts with an initial session and anamnesis. There are no "out-of-the-box" solutions for behaviour problems. We will have to find the root cause of the problem and then, together, we will develop an individual training plan for you and your dog. 

The initial session takes place at your home. The following sessions take place either at your home or outside, depending on the issues we are working on, my assessment and your preferences.

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