For personal reasons, the training center is currently on a break.

Are you planning to add a(nother) dog to your life but need help with and/or information on:

• Swiss and cantonal laws and regulations
• what to do before getting a dog
• which breed and energy level might be suitable for you
• what needs to be done after the dog’s arrival?

Do you already have a dog that displays problematic behaviour (fear, aggression, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, defending food, growling at your neighbour or the postman, etc)?

Or do you simply want to make sure you are doing everything to let your dog be a wonderful family pet?

The focus of my work is assisting customers and their dog(s) to become a balanced team and to feel comfortable living and manoeuvring through daily life in modern society. My goal is empowering you to have the (family)friendly pet you wished for, living in harmony at home and in your environment. I don’t offer a magic solution, nor can I „fix your dog“ in 45 minutes. If you are willing to put in the work, time, money and effort, I am happy to assist you with my knowledge, experience and “tips and tricks” to:

• better understand your dog’s language,
• know more about your dog’s needs,
• learn new ways of interacting, and
• explore and use modern training methods, based on the latest research on dog behaviour and learning mechanisms.

My goal is to accompany my clients on their path to a successful and balanced human/dog team, strengthening a healthy bond between a dog and its human pack.

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