Bild 1I am Swiss, born in Basel in 1975. I live in Pratteln with my husband and two daughters. I’ve studied English, history and German at the University of Basel and work in the communications department of a Basel-based international organisation.

I’ve owned dogs ever since I've been 17 years old. Dogs have a wonderful gift to teach you a lot about yourself. If you listen, they will raise your awareness of yourself, your energy and your current state of mind and soul.

My philosophy and goal is to create balance in dog/owner teams. I am passionate about my work because I believe that dogs can increase people’s physical and mental health. Early interaction with dogs (animals in general) is proven to plant the seed of empathy in children and to teach them about responsibility. Interaction with animals can improve the health of the elderly and the sick. The public image of dogs has suffered over the past decade. I am determined to do my part to improve this image.

I work in this field because not only do I love dogs, but more importantly, I care about and enjoy working with people. Furthermore, I take an active interest in communication skills and active listening skills, constantly striving to improve. For me, those two skills are as important as all the dog training skills you can acquire in dog training courses and seminars.

Our dogs

I first owned a Pyrenean Sheepdog (mix?) and then an unidentified mix (with (assumed) parts of German Shepherd, American Staffordshire Terrier and Labrador Retriever). Currently, we own a male Podenco, a female Galga español and a small female street dog (Italian windsprite?). 

All our dogs were, and continue to be, rescues from shelters. We rescued them between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. Their behaviours ranged from completely unproblematic to aggressive against humans, aggressive against dogs when on the leash, to utmost fearfulness. Our small street dog has not been socialised with humans, which poses a real challenge to her and us in daily life. And finally, all our current dogs display breed-typical strong hunting ambition. All my dogs have been great teachers, and I am forever thankful to them.


2014-16 Studies to become an "Animal Shiatsu Therapist", AKARI animal shiatsu school

Seminar "Streetdogs"

  • National and international animal welfare: detailed reports from state-owned as well as private shelters and kill shelters - daily life, financing, organisation, hygiene, health of the animals and number of animals, procreation, neutering, the legal situation, etc
  • Definition "streetdog": origin, social structures, behaviour, characteristics of a pack of dogs, a group of dogs, comparison to a wolf pack, daily life, etc
  • Analysing behaviour problems of imported/traumatised dogs and ways to deal with them
2014 "Communicating in an international environment" (seminar)
2012-14         Studies "dog trainer", ATN, with certificate and SKN permission
2009 "Bridging the culture gap" (seminar)
2008 "Handling difficult people" (workshop)
2008 "International negotiations skills" (2-day workshop)
2006 "Communication and the art of influence" (workshop)
2004-15        Weekly participation in a hobby dog sports group with our own dogs
2001 Apprenticeship with Günther Bloch, wolf and dog behaviour expert, Hundefarm Eifel, Germany
2000-01 Studies in "Animal psychology – focus on dogs and horses", ATN, with certificate


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